I guess if you're going to go all Forrest Gump and just start running, it might as well be to Lubbock.

Apparently, there's a little more to this story than that. It's a mission about a woman running to the Hub City to spread her brother's ashes on Buddy Holly's grave.

From the trailer for Eleven Hundred to Lubbock, it looks like there's a wacky coincidence or two that convinces her that the run needs to happen, including a Buddy Holly doppelganger delivering a package.

The good news is that the film does have actual footage of Lubbock, because the Buddy Holly statue is in plain sight in the trailer. The other good news is it looks like the film has won a ton of awards.

Now, maybe I've missed it, but I don't think Eleven Hundred to Lubbock has played in Lubbock. Maybe we can make that happen.

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