According to WOAI in San Antonio, the Texas Forest Service says some of the wildfires in Texas have been started by illegal immigrants.

Senator John McCain has been criticized recently for saying that that illegals in Arizona are responsible for some of the wildfires in that state. McCain said that includes the large wildfire that's been burning in southeastern Arizona.

According to WOAI, the wildfires we have seen in Texas are connected to illegal immigrants crossing the border.

"There are so many people coming across the border, that does happen," the Forest Service's Terry Krasko told 1200 WOAI news.

But Krasko says he has no doubt that there is a connection between illegal immigrants and some of the thousands of wildfires which have plagued Texas in the past three months.

"These fires do start with illegal crossings, that is happening," he said.

Officials say illegal immigrants start fires for various reasons.  Mainly, they start brush fires with camp fires or cooking fires started in the brush country.  In other cases, illegal immigrants have been known to start wildfires by setting fires to signal other illegal immigrants about the presence of Border Patrol agents, or to act as a 'diversion' when they see law enforcement approaching.

This is just another reason we need more law enforcement at the border.