For many of us who haven never been certified lifeguards, we tend to think of drowning as an arm thrashing, screaming for help "I'm drowning!" kind of experience.

It's actually not like that at all, and you need to know the difference!

This is swimming pool season. So its time to make sure you know how to protect your kids, and others, from a parents worst nightmare. Also with all of this flooding, this is some information that could help you save a life of a perfect stranger.

According to Francesco A. Pia, Ph.D. who coined the term The Instinctive Drowning Response, there are some very key signs to look for when someone is truly drowning.

Drowning does not look like drowning. Here are the signs to look for:

  • Head is low in the water and the mouth is at water level
  • Head is tilted back and the mouth is open
  • Eyes are glassy and empty, unable to focus, or even closed
  • Hair is over the forehead or eyes
  • They are not using legs and are "floating" vertical in the water
  • Hyperventilating or gasping
  • Trying to roll over on their back
  • Or possibly appear to be climbing an invisible ladder

These are just some of the typical signs of an actual drowning, which you might not recognize as drowning. Read the full article to get all the signs of The Instinctive Drowning Response.