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On Friday, July 8th, a Lubbock man was thrown off the hood of a vehicle and died due to his injuries. Days later, a woman was arrested for the murder.

Lubbock police were originally called for what they believed to be a hit-and-run collision near 35th Street and Avenue X. Thirty-five-year-old Michael Rozboril was found dead in the roadway after he was thrown from the hood of a vehicle.

Police later came to the conclusion that 20-year-old Maria Rodriguez had driven to Lluvia's Imports at 2445 34th Street. It's said that she went there to steal merchandise, but Rozboril, who was an employee, saw her do it. Rozboril reportedly attempted to stop her by jumping on the hood of her vehicle.

Rodriguez is said to have fled the parking lot with Rozboril still on the hood, but when they reached 35th and Avenue X, he was thrown off. Rodriguez ended up being charged with murder and arrested on Sunday, July 10th.

Police say that in the course of committing the theft at Lluvia's Imports, Rodriguez recklessly caused bodily injury to Rozboril when he was thrown from the hood of the car. The theft meets the elements of a robbery charge, and since the injuries Rozboril sustained led to his death during the robbery, Rodriguez's actions met the elements of a murder charge.

Under Texas Penal Code 19.02, "a person commits an offense of murder if they commit a felony, in Rodriguez’s case, robbery, and in the course of the commission or in immediate flight from commission of the felony, commit an act clearly dangerous to human life that results in a death." This is what was clarified in a press release from LPD.

Rodriguez is currently being held in the Lubbock County Detention Center on a $500,000 bond.

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