When I first saw this headline, I was a bit taken back. Then I read the tweets, and my jaw dropped.

I was dismayed by what some of the friends of Hollis Alvin “Reid” Daniels, the Texas Tech student charged with the Capital Murder of a Texas Tech police officer, had to say about this entire situation.

The short version is that they didn't like people talking negatively about their friend.

Now, I can understand still being friends with someone who has committed a horrible crime; that's not the problem. My problem is how disconnected from reality these people are.

Your friend is accused of taking a life. Do you understand that?

It seems like the majority of his friends don't get it. At least not right now since they're probably still in shock.

It's OK that you want to remember what a good person he was around you, but at the end of the day, he confessed to murdering another human being, and a police officer at that.

Of course, individuals and maybe some press are going to talk about Daniels in a negative light. He's accused of doing something horrible.

His friends need to come to the realization that their friend is in real trouble. They should also have empathy for the family of the Texas Tech police officer who lost his life. Neither will take away from the good times and good memories they have. But you can't live in the past; you have to live in the present. And the present says that your friend, Mr. Daniels, isn't that great of a guy after all.

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