On the Thursday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Emliy Goff, research associate at the Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and the Heritage Foundation, talked with Chad Hasty about the ramifications of the fiscal cliff deal.

Goff said that the hastily-passed fiscal cliff deal will turn out to be a bad deal for the country. She said the real issue is the government has a spending problem, not a revenue problem, and that this deal did nothing to address the real problem of government spending.

When Congress passes some fiscal cliff deal that consists primarily of tax increases and increases in spending, we're talking about unemployment, insurance, benefits that are extended, you have to ask is this really the right solution. And I would say absolutely not.

Now that the fiscal cliff deal has been handled for now, Goff said conservatives need to turn heir attention to the next big "crisis" of the debt ceiling. She said it was vital that conservatives do not cave in and raise the debt ceiling again. Goff also said that conservatives and lawmakers need to start focusing on spending cuts, and taking a serious look at the entitlement programs that are taking up so much of the budget.

For more information on the Heritage Foundation, visit their website at hertiage.org.

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