By Rex Andrew

A crowd of perhaps 100 Hereford residents were on hand at the Deaf Smith County Courthouse as Jared Blankenship kicked off his long-shot campaign for president.

“Washington D.C. is out of control,” Blankenship said.  “Washington, D.C. is out of touch with Hereford, Texas.”

And with no experience as an elected official, Blankenship hopes to prove he can fix the problems, starting his political career at the top.

Blankenship has experience as a teacher, farmer and rancher. On his campaign website, Blankenship writes,  “At the core of the 2012 election is the re-evaluation of the role that the Federal government should play in the lives of the American people.”

He has an answer for those who doubt his chances in the election.

“If they call into question the credibility of an average American citizen, what does that say about their attitude toward each one of you and your voice?”

Blankenship’s campaign website is at

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