If you turn on the news, most likely you will hear a story about the flu. The U.S. is dealing with a widespread flu outbreak that apparently is pretty bad. Given the bad news you see on TV, you'd think most people would get a flu shot. However, most Americans don't get vaccinated. According to FOX News:

“There’s a growing problem called ‘vaccine hesitancy,’” Dr. Frank Esper, a viral respiratory disease expert at UH Case Medical Center in Ohio, told FoxNews.com.  “They’re not truly against getting the shot.  But, with all these people online saying, ‘Watch out for this, be careful about that,’ – they’re hesitant to receive the flu vaccine, and then they never get it done.”


According to Esper, with numerous websites, blogs, and podcasts perpetuating false information about the flu vaccine online, it’s easy for people to doubt the vaccine’s safety or believe it was not tested accurately.  Many fear the vaccine will cause adverse side effects, which is an unrealistic fear, Esper said.

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