Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show Representative Jodey Arrington joined the broadcast to talk about the latest hot topics from the nation's capitol.

Arrington and Hasty discussed the recent resolutions by far-left democrats in the House of Representatives to condemn and impeach President Donald Trump. Also in the discussion were rural health care, tax breaks for illegal immigrants, upcoming votes to increase the minimum wage, and the reasoning behind Arrington's recent vote against the 9/11 victims compensation fund reauthorization.

While responding to Hasty's question about the circus-like atmosphere now being fostered and cultivated by the radical-left in the House, Arrington said,

It's embarrassing that in the greatest country in the world, that the United States House of Representatives and the democrats under the Nancy Pelosi leadership is acting so absurdly. They are obsessed...with hatred for the president, and they oppose the traditional American values that we believe so deeply in, and want to drive us off the cliff of socialism. There's just no end to the political gamesmanship and political theater that they conduct...It's not just par for the course...the silliness is part of the dysfunction of the swamp, but I think it's more than silly. I think it's dangerous. I think it's a dangerous precedent to harass a president like this...It does a disservice to every American and to our constitutional republic and the governing thereof.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Jodey Arrington in the video above.

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