The 2016 Election is almost over and Americans are pretty divided over the candidates for President. This year we have heard stories of how the election is stressing people out and stressing out relationships. Now we hear that the election is actually making people less proud of America.

According to NBC News, 62% of Americans say they are less proud of America because of the Presidential Election. The election has only made 7% more proud.

The main reason people seem to be less proud of America? Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are very unpopular. Only 33% see Trump positively and only 38% view Clinton in a positive light. Those numbers don't exactly scream inspirational.

The data are also particularly stark compared to 2008, when voters had a choice between the first black presidential nominee, Barack Obama, or a widely-respected war hero, John McCain. In the final NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll before the 2008 election, 34 percent of voters said they were more proud of their country because of the presidential race, 45 percent said their pride in the country had not changed, and just 12 percent said they were less proud of the United States because of the election.

In the latest poll, Clinton voters expressed more pessimism about their pride in the country than those voting for Trump. Almost three-quarters - 74 percent - of Clinton voters said they are less proud of America as a result of the election, compared to 49 percent of Trump voters who said the same. But both groups were about equally unlikely -- just nine percent for Trump supporters and six percent for Clinton voters -- to say they are now more proud of America.

No matter what happens on November 8th, someone very unpopular will win the White House and Americans don't seem to proud of that.

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