Listen to the entire interview with Gulrez "Gus" Khan below:

There is still plenty of time between now and the May 2022 local election here in Lubbock, but that's not stopping Gulrez "Gus" Khan from campaigning for Lubbock Mayor.

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With Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope announcing late last month that he would not seek reelection for Mayor, the race is wide open and there will certainly be many candidates who decide to run in Lubbock.

On Tuesday, Gulrez "Gus" Khan joined The Chad Hasty Show with Matt Martin to discuss his campaign and why he has decided to run for Mayor. Khan is a Lubbock businessman who co-owns American Star Home Health & Hospice and has active in the Republican Party in Lubbock. Khan grew up in India before moving to Lubbock in his 20's.

One issue that motivated Khan to run for Mayor was when the Lubbock City Council voted to reject the ordinance for the Sanctuary City for the Unborn. Khan told KFYO that he was very involved in the process to pass the ordinance and was surprised that the Lubbock City Council was against the idea. Khan also said he would like to tackle debt and spending issues at City Hall if he were elected Mayor. Khan also discussed the need for greater transparency at Lubbock City Hall. Khan brought up the latest street bond election that failed and blamed the failure on a lack of transparency at City Hall.

Khan also discussed his personal background and family history as well as the foundations for his beliefs for being pro-life and conservative. You can listen to the full interview above.

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