On Monday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Matt Mackowiak, GOP Strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, talked with Chad about the upcoming presidential debates and some of the big issues affecting Texas.

With the presidential debates coming up this month, Mackowiak expects most of the focus of the debates to center around the economy, which is one of Mitt Romney's stronger campaign positions. Mackowiak says that, especially with an audience of easily over 60 million people, it's important Romney perform strong in the upcoming debates.

The question is, can Romney reset this entire campaign and set it on a different narrative, gain momentum, and appear to be really coming back? The media does love covering a comeback, they love calling a race early, and then they love a comeback. So, we'll see how Romney does. I don't necessarily think he needs a "grand slam" or "home run," but he needs a stand-up "double."

Mackowiak also discussed the Supreme Court beginning their fall session today. He said that several of the cases discussed by the Supreme Court his term could have a major effect of Texas, including ruling on race-based admissions and voter ID laws.