How much does Google know about you? In a couple of weeks, the Internet search giant will be finding out a lot more about you than you think.

Starting on March 1st, Google will being tracking all user activity on all of its services, including Gmail, Youtube and the Google search engine. Google plans to take this information and integrate it together so that they can learn more about their users. They can then use that information to better tailor ads that their users may be interested in.

While this may be all well and good for advertisers, it may raise some red flags for consumers. For one thing, you cannot opt out of this new policy. If you're a user on YouTube or Gmail, you have no choice in the matter, they'll track your data whether you want them to or not. In addition to that, the new policy will also affect those who use Android smart phones. Since Android is powered by Google, this means Google will also be able to track everything you do on your phones as well. It's sounding more and more like "Big Brother," isn't it?

Something about the idea of this huge mega-corporation having access to this much information about its users is a little unsettling. But given that Google and all of its products have become a major part of our daily lives, there may not be much we can do about it...