Well, there's something you don't see every day. A couple of adorable goats on the loose enjoyed a quick bite to eat at the corner of 19th & Milwaukee in front of the old AIM Bank. It's safe to say that these goats are doing a better job of controlling the weeds here than the actual city.

Maybe someone should let more of these guys free. But I digress.

Nothing to see here but a few lawnmowers, hard at work, and looking absolutely precious. For the sake of this article, I've decided to name them "Lil Walmart" and "Ms. Capri 120." I don't know if you get the same feeling that I do when I look at the picture, but...these goats are in love.

They must have eloped yesterday. Their chosen destination? A romantic honeymoon surrounding the delicious bushes they had been admiring from afar. The two planned their escape for years, texting one another late at night, meticulously going over each and every detail. Yesterday, it was finally time. FREEDOM!

"I love you so much," Ms. Capri 120 whispered to Lil Walmart. "One day, baby, you and I are gonna fly. We're gonna leave this world behind, just you and I. I'll never let you go."

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They set off into the sunset, not knowing that the trip would be short-lived. Nobody seemed to understand their love, and when Lubbock County resident Brandi Tadlock happened upon them, the jig was up.

Brandi Tadlock
Brandi Tadlock

They were safely returned to their home, but that won't stop them from trying again. They'll never stop. You can't stop love.

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