Without a doubt, the hottest items on everybody's Christmas list this year is one of two new next-gem consoles: the PlayStation 4 or the XBox One. Both consoles released just last month, and already numerous stores and online retailers are completely out of stock for both consoles. I've had plenty of people ask me which system they should get for Christmas this year. And my answer has always been the same: neither.

Yes, this may sound a bit odd coming from the Geek Girl, but I strongly recommend holding off on buying either of the new next-gen consoles right now, at least for a few more months. And it's not just these consoles either. In general, it's actually a better idea to wait a couple of months to purchase a new game system instead of rushing out on Day One to buy it. Here's a few reasons why you should wait to purchase the PS4 and the Xbox One.

1.) Lack of games on both systems

The main reason you buy a video game console is to play video games. That should go without saying. And the library of games available for both systems right now is very limited, to say the least. Especially when you take into account that two of the most heavily advertised launch titles for both systems, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, are also available for the current generation of consoles: the PlayStation 3 and the XBox 360. In addition to that, many other much-anticipated next-gen titles such as Titanfall, Drive Club, and Metal Gear Solid V won't be available until next year anyway.

Now, that's not to say the next-gen games that are currently available aren't any good. Games like Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 on the XBone and Infamous: Second Son and Killzone: Shadow Fall on the PS4 are all fine games, and they are all exclusives to their respective consoles. But is it really worth buying a $400-$500 console just to play one or two games that look good? No, it's not.

2.) The current gen is still going strong

I already mentioned that a few of the launch titles for the PS4 and XBox One are also available on the current generation of consoles. First and foremost, neither of the next-gen consoles are backwards compatible. This means that all those PS3 and 360 games you've been buying for the last couple of years are completely useless on these new systems, so if you like your games, don't be in a hot hurry to get rid of your current console. You're going to need it.

Secondly, there are still some fantastic games coming out on for the current generation of consoles. Take Grand Theft Auto V, for example. This game came out just 4 months ago, and not only are people still playing it, it's become one of the most wanted video games for Holiday 2013. The point is, the current generation of consoles is just now hitting it stride. There are some amazing titles that came out just this year alone, like The Last Of Us, Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider. And there are still lots more titles coming out for both systems well into next year. The PS3 and 360 still have plenty of life left in them, so there's no need to jump into the next generation right away.

3.) There's always glitches

No matter how many times you put a system through quality checking, no matter how many times you debug it before you ship it off, there's always going to be glitches. And this generation of consoles is no exception. For example, there are reports coming out now about the PS4 having "TV compatibility" issues that prevent the system from running properly. Now, to be fair, it only affects a small number of consoles, about 0.4% according to Sony. But when you sell over 1 million consoles in North America alone, that still means there's about 4,000 buggy consoles floating around. It may not be anything fatal to the system, but it's usually a better idea to wait at least a few months for all the bugs to get ironed out.

4.) It's way too expensive

Probably the biggest reason why you should wait to buy either system is this: it's just too expensive. Times are tough, wallets are tight, and not everyone has the $400 to shell out for the PS4, or $500 if you go with the XBox One. That's not even including the $60 you'll pay for each game, or additional accessories like extra controllers. Getting a new video game system is a pretty costly endeavor, and personally speaking, what's available on next-gen systems right now just isn't worth the price.

So my advice is to be patient and don't buy the PS4 or XBox One, at least not yet. Wait for a few more months. The price for the system will eventually go down, more "cost-friendly" packages for each system will become available, and you'll have a greater library of games to enjoy.

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