A GoFundMe page that appeared following the murder of Lubbock musician Orestes "West" Garza is a fake, says the Garza family.

The Garza Family is attempting to raise awareness that the page has not been set up by them, but rather the son of Pete Garcia, the man currently in custody and charged with the murder of Orestes Garza.

"We have not set up anything in our brothers' behalf," said Olivar Garza in a Facebook message. "The son of the man that murdered my brother has made an account that we do not want anyone to donate to."

The GoFundMe page has received just over $100 as of press time. A goal of $15,000 was set.

KFYO News reached out to the GoFundMe page's creator, Joshua Heath Garcia, for comment. We spoke to him by phone Monday night.

Garcia told us that his only goal with the GoFundMe account was to help the Garza family.

"I wanted the GoFundMe page to help me out to pay for the funeral in full," Garcia told KFYO News.

According to Garcia, the Garza family has misconstrued his intentions. "I set it up strictly for West. I had the best intentions," he said.

After a social media backlash from members of the Garza family, Garcia has pulled the GoFundMe page. He said he tried to take down the page at 11 a.m. Monday, but it took most of the day for it to be removed.

But Garcia maintains that he was only trying to help.

"They can't see the good I'm trying to do," he told us. "I have no hate in my heart for anyone."