One thing I can't stand is theft, especially when it's from a mom and pop business that's trying to make a serious go at it.

I've dined at Durango's Restaurant many times, and have always had a good experience. The staff always took good care of me and I felt at home.

That is why it kills me to learn that a former manager of the restaurant took them for more than $15,000, according to Everything Lubbock.

How can someone be that cruel towards a hard-working family? But it's not just them who are suffering. Their employees and vendors aren't getting paid because of this selfish act.

Greed. It's that simple. Some people want the easy way out and instead of working for it; they would rather take from hard-working folks.

But rest assured, police are involved and charges are pending.

At the end of the day, I applaud this hard-working family for continuing to fight the good fight, and for serving up some of the best food in Lubbock.

If you would like to help out the owners, you can check out their GoFundMe Page. Of course, one of the best ways to help is to go visit them at 50th and Frankford Ave. or at 4th and University.


Here is last night's news report from Everything Lubbock with more about the situation:

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