Some listeners have asked me to post my writings/transcripts out of a few of last week's shows honoring the 22nd Anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I am honored to oblige.

The planes and the buildings were so very bad. The knowledge of so much death, Death Toll Unknown, was stupefyingly awful. The day, in and of itself, held endless nightmare scenarios.

But I think we forget the ensuing days, weeks and months as we watched that alien planet of massive rubble televised 24/7 on pretty much every channel. All of the desperate hope that SOMEONE would be found - afterall, we KNEW that there was ALWAYS someone that is brought OUT in all of those OTHER stories of post-earthquakes and tsunamis etc. SOMEONE rises up out of the unfathomable debris.

But not this time.

Oh sure . there were plenty of "Hold on!" moments, lots of "Everyone SHUT UP! We think we hear something!" pauses during the endless feed. But all that ever turned up was fingers and feet and watches and wallets and rings .. and the like.

The Pile that we couldn't wrap our minds around slowly became a black hole with a perfect ramp leading up/down it - where trucks of wreckage and remains slowly came and went over and over and over and over and .

And then there was the whole period of "What do you do with this gaping wound?!?" smack dab in the middle of all that we used to see as light and energy and American work and success.

I want to simply say: "It was just endless awfulness" but anyone who lived through it KNOWS that sentence doesn't even come within a galaxy of describing the ugliness, the horror, the immense ignorance of what the future held and how that morass of spiritual/mental confusion brought about a whole other set of plagues that, to be honest, have never really gone away just faded a bit. Lurking. Like vultures just out of your peripheral vision.

And just like that, we elected a muslim, son of a muslim, anti-colonialist, divisive socialist anti-American TWICE to the Highest Office in our land.

And we are almost 50/50 divided now in loving versus HATING this Great Nation!

"We are .. fundamentally transforming the United States of America" - Barack Hussein Obama campaigning for President. Let's not forget: "I will stand with them (Arab and Pakistani-Americans) should the political winds shift in an ugly direction." - Barack Hussein Obama in his book: Audacity of Hope. Not to mention: Benghazi; also sharing this date in history. Four dead Americans have been replaced by "The Squad" - four women who absolutely LOATHE this country.

Anyway .. I watch Facebook Feeds of friends who have children and they post on what their kids learned/did in school today. Frighteningly, about half of the Posters said that their kids didn't hear ONE SYLLABLE about 9/11 today.

Wake up, people. It was ONE decade. And now it is almost TWO gone by. So .. "Never forget"? Yeah .. like the Apostles promising to stay awake on guard while Jesus prayed in the Garden.

We have slept and we are IN IT now. WAKE UP.


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