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Over the past few years, people have been trying to make a better effort to reduce everyday plastic waste. A big way that issue has been targeted is by using alternatives to plastic straws.

The most common straw alternatives you’ll find now include metal and paper, but there are a few other materials companies use as well. I'm sure you know about straws made of glass or silicone, but did you know about pasta straws? You saw that right, straws made of pasta.

These straws are a single-use option that is biodegradable and even edible if you decide to take a bite. They also solve the problem that many people find using paper straws, where the straw gets too soggy to use after soaking in the drink for just a few minutes. The pasta straws are also great for those worried about possible chipping a tooth on a metal straw. Overall, there are a lot of benefits.

If you can’t have gluten, then you might feel left out because you’d assume you can’t use a product made of pasta. Well, fortunately, there are gluten-free pasta straws on the market for that exact reason. Pasta Life is a brand that makes gluten-free, durable, straws that supposedly last over 60 minutes soaking in your beverage before getting soft. They even comes in a variety of fun colors.

You can purchase these straws from Amazon, Walmart, or directly off their official website. You can also keep up with them on social media @pastalifestraws.

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