We can admit it, it seems like life in the Hub City is sometimes as exciting as watching a prairie dog decompose. Being 2 hours from literally anything has it's benefits at times, but also it's moments of boredom-driven insanity. It's not like we can get in the car and be in a major city like Dallas or Austin, where stuff actually HAPPENS after 9PM. You need to fill up the gas tank and make a day of it.

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So, it wasn't a surprise when I found myself Googling "BORING LUBBOCK", and an old Reddit thread came to the surface once more.


In my sloth-like state of mind, I scrolled through the now 7-year-old thread, where people shared their stories of Hub City malaise.

Screenshot: Reddit.com
Screenshot: Reddit.com

Makenzie71 is not exactly wrong here. However, there were some opinions that ran counter to this comment.


As much as I appreciate the positivity in this comment, the unfortunately named commenter ("boyscoutslumberparty"??)'s key point is that we are 8 hours away from Colorado?

Drinking and complaining about cons of Lubbock all the time is not going to help IMO. Colorado is only about 8 hours away; not that far if you ask me

Our close proximity to another state is a PLUS? Great...so we have somewhere we can escape to when the doldrums really start to hit us hard over here. Plus, we don't need to be drunk to complain about our fair city, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

So is there ANYTHING that can disprove that Lubbock isn't still a sleepy, dusty, West Texas truckstop? Of course, we DO have the amazing Buddy Holly Hall, and a pretty decent university that seems to kick ass on the sportsball court. Plus, the barbecue isn't bad either.  But maybe, just maybe...not being exciting has it's benefits. If you hate stress, and communists...this may be the place for you.


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