Looking at this in the best light possible, sometimes a pet does not work out for a family. They may have to move, that pet may not get along with another one, or they may be in a situation where they just can't afford pet food.


Right now on Lubbock's Craigslist under the "Free" tab, there's a whole bunch of dogs and cats that need a new home. I have to give the posters respect because they are taking the time to re-home these pets instead of just dumping them, which happens far too often around here.

It just breaks my heart that these pets have to be separated from their current owners, but you can be a hero in that animal's life. Pets are a lot like anything else: you're going to get back the love you put into it. Don't forget to ask if the animal is fixed and/or if it's had any shots so that you can get it a good, healthy start on life. I would also always recommend taking a friend to any Craigslist meetup.


    Man Abandons Dog Near Lubbock Building

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