Fiesta de la Flor starts today. This is a two-day music festival celebrating the life and music of Selena Quintanilla.

“Selena Quintanilla’s memory is as alive today as it has been all these years since 1995 when she was suddenly taken from the world. Today, she continues to fascinate the public. Fans, both new and old, still come to visit Corpus Christi from all parts of the globe to play tribute to her legacy.

At the time of her passing, she was positioned to become the first female Tejano singer to make the crossover to mainstream English music. Still, the success of her posthumously released English album was an indication of the promise of her future in the music world. The Selena movie, depicting her life story and rise to stardom, continues to entertain and inspire people.

Selena was not only iconic for an entire culture, she was able to overcome racial stereotypes, set new standards for her genre of music and open doors for other female Tejano musicians.

She was an entrepreneur and a pioneer. She was a trendsetter and a visionary.

But most importantly she was family – an inspiring presence in the community –  and an artist who brought cheer and happiness to her innumerable fans through her performances and charisma.

She has transcended tragedy and become an icon for the ages. Selena’s hometown of Corpus Christi will forever embrace her proudly and lovingly as their own.

Selena forever lives in our hearts, she forever lives in our memory and she is forever a part of our lives. Selena forever.”

This event is held in Corpus Christi and promises to entertain all who attend. It will be held at North Bayfront Park and tickets are very reasonably priced.

You can find the music line up by CLICKING HERE!

You still have plenty of time to drive or catch a flight to remember the memory of Selena!






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