Type 'Lubbock' into Google and the search engine is already making it seem like Lubbock is boring.

Let's hit up some of the FAQs of Lubbock here. Is it safe to travel to? Yes, if you know what you're doing. What is Lubbock known for? Texas Tech and Buddy Holly. Is Lubbock a good place to live? I think so, and the rate the city is growing seems to say people are enjoying their time here.


That third question there is something I've had many fights about with many people. Lubbock has plenty to do relative to its size. But 20 years ago? Yes, I probably would have agreed that Lubbock was boring. But the city has exploded since 2010, growing 15 percent in size and adding attractions and improvements left and right.

Most of the people who say Lubbock is boring would be bored in Dallas, Las Vegas, and New York, too. They are just boring people. Meanwhile, the City of Lubbock is trying to repair that boring reputation, and nobody is putting in more work than the Buddy Holly Hall.

I've been to three different shows at the Buddy Holly Hall and every time I've come away impressed with the venue. When Theo Von came to town, he was so impressed with the venue he wanted to steal it. True story. He was not impressed with the security guards though, but you had to be there to hear his reasoning.

As the reputation of Buddy Holly Hall grows, the level of acts coming in will grow. Even in the first year and a half though, there have been some serious stars rolling through that never had the right type of venue to play in Lubbock.

Comedians, Food Network stars, rock bands, country artists and ballets have graced the stage so far.

Here are the acts coming to the hall in 2022 and beyond. Also, 10 more shows that I would book if I was in charge, which I'm not.

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