What the hell?

You Could Lose Power in Texas Just Like We Did Last Time

I just have no words about this. I'm stunned. ERCOT is warning that the grid is still vulnerable if a major storm hits. (And don't they always?) Why is this still a thing? Why hasn't this been fixed?

We know that winter storms happen. We know that over 200 people died during the winter weather event in February 2021. Why hasn't our governor woke up every single morning and dealt with this issue? Most importantly, how long are people going to put up with this BS?

Advice for Lubbock on Dealing With Power Outages Now That We're Part of the Grid

Lubbock's emergency manager said everyone should have a "grab bag" of items in case the power goes out. He's also suggesting that you invest in a whole house generator. I have a better idea. How about we get warmed up by using our grab bags of supplies and beat down politicians' doors for firewood? The average person in Lubbock is struggling to pay their bills and can't afford something like that.

Is the Outrage Over the Lack of Power Solutions Even Being Heard?

This is so unacceptable that I'm having a hard time holding back. We know how many people we have in Texas. We know how much power they use (even in an emergency). We know all of these things, but the state is sitting on its thumbs and not preparing us for these contingencies. How is it that we make "just enough" power for day-to-day usage, but can't have a surplus ready for emergencies?

Is Criticism of Texas Response to ERCOT Fair?

Uh, yeah. People froze to death. They are warning it could happen again. It's very fair, and the fact that we're being told it could happen again is a warning sign that action still needs to be taken.

20 Striking Photos From Across Texas During Winter Storm Uri

Texas was hit hard by Winter Storm Uri, a polar vortex which led to millions being without power for days in constant freezing temperatures. These photos show the good, the bad and ugly of the crisis.

Snow Traditions In Lubbock


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