Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the President and CEO of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce Eddie McBride joined Matt and Dave to talk about the possibility of businesses reopening in Lubbock, and the difficulties that would come with it.

Eddie started the conversation by thanking the people who have kept working through this pandemic and who have risked their personal health to keep everybody else safer. 7,868 claims have been filed for unemployment in Lubbock in March, adding to the 4,000 from the 2 months prior, and Eddie said that his heart aches for the small businesses who have had to shut their doors or reduce staff. When asked if he thinks that everyone should get back to work, Eddie said, "Well, absolutely. Without a shadow of a doubt. We have to get back." He says that we are currently in the planning stage of reopening. He went on to warn that this is not going to be an immediate return to work, saying,

"You don't just turn the green light on...returning to work has to be gradual, it's going to be phased in."

Eddie said that before anyone opens, more testing needs to be available.

McBride was also asked what the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce is doing to inform the public and keep things moving, to which Eddie replied that they are making resources available on lubbockchamber.com on the Covid-19 resources page. He explained that they are also talking to hundreds of people a day to get the info they need to help people and their businesses.

Find more info at lubbockchamber.com and watch the full interview with Eddie McBride in the video above.

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