Thursday on The Chad Hasty Show, Chad was joined in the KFYO studio by Dr. Wilfred "Bill" McClay from the University of Oklahoma and Dr. Steve Balch from Texas Tech University's Institute for the Study of Western Civilization to talk about McClay's presentation entitled, "Freedom and the Constitution."

"Our Constitution is, in many ways, imperiled, partly by the fact that people in this country don't understand what it is and what it's for, what kind of document it is and what kind of regime it creates and upholds and we feel the need to push back on that," McClay said while speaking about the content of the program. Freedom and the Constitution deals with the erosion of constitutional self-governing principals and the takeover of governance by "experts" that are unaffected by the process of democratic deliberation.

The free program is being held tonight (September 15, 2016) from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00, in Room 001 of the English/Philosophy Building at TTU. Food and refreshments will be available, and early arrival is encouraged.

Dr. Balch also shared information about upcoming programs at the Institute for the Study of Western Civilization.

Listen to the entire interview with Dr. Wilfred McClay in the video above.

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