Tuesday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, the Superintendent of the Lubbock Independent School District Dr. Kathy Rollo joined Dave King and guest host Paul R. Beane to talk about virtual learning, testing low performing students, how they are expanding vocational training, mock elections in schools, and more.

The conversation started when Dr. Rollo was asked how the schools are handling everything with the ongoing pandemic, and also about virtual learning. Rollo said that this has been the most challenging year in her 32 years of being an educator, but that as far as virtual learning goes, their team has done an outstanding job of setting up 2 education systems for the students who need it.  Additionally, she said that less kids are in virtual learning now and many are choosing to return to schools. Dr. Rollo was also asked how they narrow the gap with low performing students, and how they identify them in the first place. Rollo explained that Lubbock ISD has multiple programs in place, and recently administered a test for the kids who missed the STAAR test, with the hope of finding out where students lie. She also said that it was a chance to test their safety protocols for kids who might be at risk.

Dr. Rollo was also asked what they are doing to expand vocational training for high school kids. Rollo said that House Bill 5 really opened the door for Lubbock ISD to provide vocational training without being penalized. She explained that they have greatly expanded opportunities for students around vocational training, and that they are now able to graduate with industry certifications, which she says is a great way to get a job straight out of high school.

Finally, in spirit of election day being today, Dr. Rollo talked about their mock elections. She explained that the Lubbock Independent School District wants students to learn about the process of voting, and so they actually take students through a mock election every year where students learn factual information about the candidates, and then can go and cast their ballots. She explained that about 17,000 students voted this year, and said that she is excited to see how the student's votes align with the countries.


Watch the full interview with Dr. Kathy Rollo in the video above.

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