On The Chad Hasty Show on Friday, Dr. Kathleen Sheehan of Texas Tech's Free Market Institute spoke with Chad about the new changes in U.S. policy with Cuba.

About the United States' policy changes toward Cuba, Dr. Sheehan said,

The five decade embargo that the United States has had with Cuba has not brought economic growth and freedom to the Cuban people. It has not brought them out of poverty, daily life is still a struggle for them. They only have about a $20 salary per month, and the regime is still strongly in control.

Sheehan continued,

Allowing for free trade between the United States and Cuba is a more effective policy to bring economic growth and freedom to the Cuban people.

Dr. Sheehan is a research associate at the Texas Tech University Free Market Institute.

Listen to the entire interview with Dr. Kathleen Sheehan in the YouTube box above.

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