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Have you ever gone out to a bar and wanted a tasty alcoholic beverage, but also wanted one of Texas’ favorite drinks, Dr Pepper?

The easy solution to that problem is simply ordering a jack and Dr Pepper or some other alcohol and soda combo. That thing is, the alcohol then takes away from the flavor of the Dr Pepper, making is a whole different experience. So, what if you could make a cocktail that tastes like a Dr Pepper without even putting the soda in it?

Well, apparently that is possible based on a tip shared on TikTok by a bartender. According to them, if you add amaretto to a Corona, it tastes just like Dr Pepper.

Of course, when I first hear that I thought it couldn’t be real, but then one of my favorite TikTok bartenders, Michelle, tried it out and said it really does taste like the soda. I have yet to try this out for myself, but I do trust Michelle’s opinion. Even though I don’t drink beer, I love amaretto, so I feel like I need to go buy some Corona now and try this out.

I’m sure it won’t taste exactly like the original Texas soda, but if it tastes close enough, it could be a great hack. The ultimate test would be making the drink and having someone that loves Dr Pepper try it and tell you what it tastes like. If the soda even crosses their mind for a moment, you know it’s legit.

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