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We've had two rains. Yeah, there may be a little here and there, but basically it rained twice in Lubbock recently.

I'm just stunned, amazed and confused about how unprepared Lubbock is for rain. I know it doesn't happen that often, but it happens. And when it happens, we have the same problems over and over which are rarely addressed by the City on any level.

I actually was on the streets near the end of last week's big rain. I was out before any roadblocks, warnings or anything else was put up. Since I had no idea how long or how much it had rained, I hit that Quaker off ramp off of Loop 289. Mid-way down the access road I hit so much water that I was thrown forward in my seat. My bad for not remembering it floods there, but I'm also kind of used to the City letting me know when it floods there.

Now for the issue at hand: mosquitos.

My business is next to Mae Simmons Park and across from Makenzie Park. I can tell you from my personal experience that I have never experienced mosquitos as thick and hungry as there are now. They have absolutely reached insane levels and once again I don't know why the City of Lubbock has let it get to this point.

I do my own form of "vector control." I have a fogger and ways of combatting these pests. I have no problem doing my part, but consider this a warning: this year's crop of bloodsuckers has come back stronger and more plentiful than ever.

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