Wait, this is actually a thing?

This week, the Odessa Police Department actually felt compelled to issue a warning on Facebook about a new trend that's exploding on social media: riding on the hood of a moving vehicle.

From the Odessa Policia:

Warning - New trend creating concerns




A new trend on social media has sparked some concerning behavior that could come with serious consequences.


Officers have been making arrests recently of young people who are riding on the hoods of vehicles.


If someone is caught doing this, they can be arrested for reckless driving class B.


Officers could also issue the person on the hood a citation for riding on an unauthorized portion of the vehicle.


Honestly, I've spent all of 5 minutes today looking online for dashcam video of these arrests and have come up empty. However, YouTube has been a goldmine of stories about people who wind up having a very bad day. Like this one from WPLG in Miami:

In most cases, it's usually someone who's clinging to the hood of a car because they apparently have some crazy point to get across to the other driver. It's generally not for recreational purposes.

And yes, most of these videos are from Florida:

If this is a trend, it tells me that either kids in Odessa are incredibly stupid, or that Floridians are invading the Permian Basin.

Permidians? Flormians?

Just stay off the hood of Daddy's car, and I won't have to plow head-on into a tree to dislodge you. I'll be wearing seat belts and have insurance. What's your excuse?

Stay classy, Odessa.

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