Today on Lubbock's First News, Dietician Brenda Duby of United Supermarkets dropped by the studio to provide helpful tips and ideas on how to eat healthy this summer.

While some may believe barbeque and burgers are the tasty foods of summer, Registered Dietician Brenda Duby came by the studio today to prove there are healthier alternatives that are just as delicious. Duby explained that we are in an ideal season for melons and stone fruit, such as peaches and apricots. While these fruits are great on their own, Duby shared a simple recipe that makes for a delicious snack. Called "peach donuts," the treats are made by peaches cut into circles, dipped in Noosa yogurt, sprinkled with cinnamon, and then frozen. These "donuts" are just as tasty as any other, but much healthier than the fried variety.

After being asked how to choose a ripe, juicy cantaloupe, Duby suggested "you should smell it, and that sounds kind of odd, but really you should and it should smell just like a nice ripe cantaloupe. It shouldn't be overly sweet smelling. And it should be kind of heavy... heavier than you would think, which means it's nice and juicy." She suggested that these methods are more effective than putting your ear to the cantaloupe and tapping on it.

All these foods and more can be found at any local United Supermarket. To browse their inventory and find other great recipes, visit United Supermarket's website.

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