Over the weekend, Rush Limbaugh apologized to Sandra Fluke for comments he made that some saw as insensitive. According to KFYO News, Limbaugh in a statement said:

For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week.  In this instance, I chose the wrong words in my analogy of the situation. I did not mean a personal attack on Ms. Fluke.

Rush went on to explain his thoughts on the matter and then wrapped up his statement this way:

My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.

Since last Wednesday Limbaugh has lost 7 advertisers and pressure was starting to mount for him to make a statement. But did Limbaugh make the right move by apologizing or did he cave in? Let us know what you think in today's LFN Poll of the Day.