Candidates in statewide races for the 2014 Primary are being to campaign across Texas.  Last week, David Watts, Republican candidate for Land Commissioner met with voters in Lubbock and Sweetwater.

Watts is from East Texas and he told KFYO News why he is running, "I think people are really clamoring for a conservative, a true conservative voice. I'm sure George P. Bush is a nice fella. I'm confident of that. But as you look where he is and where he seems to position himself, I don't see conservative values and I think people are clamoring for that."

Watts said conservative values must remain in the General Land Office, "The first thing is make sure everything we do is constitutional and keeping with (current) law. The second is perspective. If you think (about) the Federal level we got these agencies, whether its the EPA or the TSA, and they have it all backwards they think we're accountable to them. They should be accountable to us. So, I would work to make sure the General Land Office keeps and holds on to the right perspective: they work for the people."

He envisions his campaign against George P. Bush to be funded by grassroots supporters, "Similar to Ted Cruz, this is a $20 by $20 campaign process."

Watts also said he's a political outsider, compared to George P. Bush, "As an outsider, I don't owe anybody anything at the state organization. Nobody has any favors they can call in with me, or anything of that sort. So, I come at it from a much different angle. I am a Republican, very proud of it. But I don't have any undue loyalty to any group or any party or anything, my interest is the people of Texas."

You can listen to Rob Snyder's complete interview with David Watts, right here on Watts also discusses Texas energy policy and veterans affairs during the interview.

Current Land Commissioner, Jerry Patterson (R), is running for Lieutenant Governor in the 2014 Primary. You can find David Watts' campaign online at

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