KFYO Producer Roni Vowels co-wrote this article

On Tuesday’s edition of the Chad Hasty Show, David Guenthner of the Texas Public Policy Foundation made some observations about the future of the transportation bill being debated in the Texas Legislature.

Guenthner noted that today is the last day of second special session. He predicted a third special session at some point in the future. The new direction of the transportation bill taken by the Texas House has caused the proposals to become more complicated, needing more time to gain a place on the ballot.

Guenthner stated that the House taking this approach has “raised the expectations on the left as far as getting the public schools into the severance tax money and raised the concerns on the right about not having the solid floor for the Economic Stabilization Fund.”

He observed that division within parties has slowed the voting process, delaying progress. Last week’s conference committee showed some positive direction by untangling the gas tax, making it only a user fee, as well as creating a solid floor for rebuilding the ESF. However, according to Guenthner, these were “left by the wayside” over the weekend.

Guenthner stated his belief that in order to bridge the differences and foster communication to solidify the deal, members need time off to recharge and come back to the issue. Because the deadline to get the bill on the ballot for  2013 was missed, there is more time to consider it through 2014.

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Editor's Note: This interview took place before Governor Rick Perry called for a third special session of the legislature