Dan Patrick visited with Chad Hasty about his campaign for Lieutenant Governor on a special edition of the Chad Hasty Show Tuesday, May 27th.

Among the issues discussed were education and specifically the Texas dropout rate. Patrick claimed his experience as chairman of education would be very beneficial to the position of Lieutenant Governor.

Patrick has said many times he will secure the border between the United States and Mexico and claims Dewhurst never spent any money on border security. Patrick also discussed the important issues that would be addressed if elected.

He said Texas must prioritize water, and those who have water on their land should have the opportunity to sell that water. On his campaign, Patrick said that seven senators have endorsed him and over 29 conservative house members have been campaigning for Patrick.

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Current Lieutenant Governor, David Dewhurst, also appeared on the show to discuss his campaign for re-election and address issues raised by opponent Dan Patrick.

The Lieutenant Governor discussed how he secured over $8 million dollars to border security. He said he's committed to giving voters what they want: safe communities, low taxes, and good education.

Dewhurst said in the interview, that he wants to push through a housing appraisal cap, and keep spending below inflation, giving a 60 percent cut in the appraisal of a house, and also cut property taxes.

He responded to comments from Patrick that he spent no money on border security. He says that everything Patrick has said is untrue, and that was forced to cut a billion dollars from the budget that Patrick tried to pass because he says it was too much money to spend.

Paul Berka, a writer for the Texas Tribune, has said that Dewhurst is a moderate. Dewhurst responded by saying that his accomplishments are certainly conservative. He says Patrick isn't an effective leader and also commented, saying he wants to make sure he can keep Texas moving forward for jobs and opportunities.

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Or on your mobile device: David Dewhurst May 27th, 2014




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