Jay Novacek played six seasons with the Dallas Cowboys from 1990-1995. During his time with the Cowboys, he locked in five straight All-Star game appearances and was named NFL All-Pro in 1992. Novacek was a three-time Super Bowl Winner with the team and retired on top after the Cowboys beat the Steelers and Bam Morris to win their third Super Bowl in four seasons.

In 1993, Novacek was named to the University of Wyoming Athletics Hall of Fame. He's since been named to the Wyoming football hall of fame and the Texas Cowboy hall of fame. Novacek joined The Raiderland this morning to talk about his latest venture and his prolific numbers as the greatest pole vaulter in Dallas Cowboys history.

You can listen to Novacek's entire interview here:

Novacek will be signing bottles of his Novacek 84 Proof Whiskey at Ollie's Liquor on Friday afternoon September 10th from 4-6 pm. Novacek has been working on this bottle of bourbon for the last five years after dreaming up the idea one night with his wife.

Now the Novacek family is on tour to promote the brand.

Novacek named Woodford as a flavor he enjoyed and thought his Whiskey was in the top 25% of Whiskeys on the market. I, for one, am very excited to not only try the Novacek 84 bottle but also to get my second autograph from the Cowboys legend.

In my youth, I had the opportunity to get a hat signed by the legendary tight end when he made an appearance in Lubbock. Back then I got that hat signed, this time I'll be trying to get myself a bottle of whiskey.

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