In a special Commissioners Court meeting this week, Lubbock County Commissioners chose to table the agenda item regarding county redistricting due to indecision at  state and federal levels. Elections Administration Head Dorothy Kennedy explained.

"We are waiting to hear what the U.S. Supreme Court is going to do. We are also waiting for some other pleading and filings that have happened through the weekend. There are still some questions on pleadings and filings that are out at all different levels on which map we are going to use."

In a controversial move earlier this year, a federal jury redrew Texas voting maps to address what some felt was misrepresentation of minority groups. Multiple state agencies are now suing, and there is much indecision about deadlines and other rules for primary elections. However, that’s not to say the Lubbock court was indecisive.

"If there had not still been things out that are pending and litigation that is pending, the court could have declared what they want to put on the agenda item " said Kennedy.

There is also some question on whether county primaries could be delayed.  "At this point the secretary of state says they're not affected effective but there is talk that they may have to shift depending on what litigation is put forth and what winds up being pending, everything is fluid, but as far as we are concerned at this point, right now we're having march primaries until we get something that says differently."

Commissioners postponed their decisions on redistricting until Monday in hopes that the state and federal governments will decide on more solid rules and deadlines for primaries.