On Monday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Congressman Randy Neugebauer talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about the latest going on in Washington.

Last week, Neuegbauer discussed the possibility of women being enlisted in selective service, since the Pentagon is now relaxing the regulations on women the combat. However, Neugebauer also pointed out that women have been serving on the front lines even before the regulations were relaxed.

"When I've been to Iraq and Afghanistan, our women were involved in a lot of different operational aspects of that. They just have not been in certain classified combat positions, and now, according to Mr. Panetta, they will be able to do that."

Neugebauer also talked about the recent "mixed" job numbers. Although the number of jobs created were up, the jobless rate was up as well. Neugebauer said this was the result of lots of people getting frustrated and leaving the job force, and that as long as the jobless rate is up, the numbers will still be "mixed."

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