Monday on Lubbock's First News, Randy Neugebauer spoke with Tom and Laura about his frustration regarding the recent coverage of his conversation with a park ranger at the WWII Memorial that has been closed during the government shutdown.

This story has received wide coverage due to the controversy of the recent government shutdown. The shutdown also requires the closure of national parks. It was reported that Neugebauer became upset when a protest group of veterans were let into the memorial because they were exercising their right to free speech; however, others who had arrived to visit the memorial were not let across the barricades. Neugebauer confronted a park ranger on the scene about the action, upset about the issue. Some found his statements controversial.

Neugebauer's response to his recent discourse with the park ranger was to express annoyance at the amount of attention given to it. He said that such coverage was a distraction from the more prominent issue at hand. He noted that "the real fight here is for the future of our country. I think the President is going to have to show some leadership here and get involved."

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