Today on Lubbock's First News on KFYO with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew, Congressman Randy Neugebauer added himself to the growing list of politicians who would like to see U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder resign (pictured, left).

When asked about the Attorney General, Congressman Neugebauer said, "Well, I'm not a big Eric Holder fan and I think the way he handled 'Fast and Furious', the way that agency handled that, was totally unacceptable. I think there have been other attributes there that the Attorney General has shown that bring into question whether he should continue to serve or not."

When asked if he would join the growing number of Congressmen urging Holder to resign, Neugebauer said responded in the affirmative. "Well, there is a lot of people calling for (Holder to resign)." He continued, "I think that the fact that some of these things that continue to happen in this administration, and coming out of his department, call into question his ability to do a very important job in our county.  I'm kind of like other folks I think that maybe it's time for Mr. Holder to step down."

Congressman Neugebauer was also aghast at the news from the weekend concerning the South American Secret Service scandal.  "That's just another thing that's unbelievable and certainly unacceptable.  I am quite honestly shocked that Secret Service agents are involved in something like this. And it's going to be interesting to see what the actual facts are.  I've been around Secret Service agents in Washington and in other places and always found them to be very professional," Neugebauer told KFYO.

Chad & Rex also discussed the upcoming Presidential election with the Congressman, including potential Vice Presidential running mates for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.  Congressman Neugebauer said he likes Marco Rubio, Governor Bob McDonald (Virginia) and Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey).

You can listen to Congressman Neugebauer's full appearance on KFYO in the Audio Player below: