On Wednesday's edition of the Chad Hasty Show, United States Senator John Cornyn discussed his expectations of President Obama's reaction regarding the alleged chemical weapon use in Syria.

Cornyn feels the problem is that "the president has not made a case for American intervention in Syria, either to the Congress or the American people. He has to identify whether American security interests are at stake here." He stated his belief that chemical weapons could be obtained by terrorist forces, leading to greater American security risks.

Cornyn went on the state that the foreign policy in place is failed and that Obama should provide a clear direction by consulting Congress and the public. He stated: " [A]fter we've spent so much blood and so much treasure in these wars over seas, I think the American people are understandably reluctant to get involved in another foreign war. The default position ought to be that we don't get involved." Cornyn calls for the President to pick a clear stance, as the use of chemical weapons is labeled as crossing a red line, and back it to give the country an idea of the direction to be taken in response to this possible foreign threat.

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