When you wake up Thursday morning and brew your favorite cup of coffee or head down to your favorite coffee shop, you might be making yourself smarter. Well, if you are a woman. If you're a man, according to a new study, you might be a little slower during the day.An article from the 'Mail Online' cites a new study in England that claims that coffee can boost a womans brain power while making the male mind scrambled. Here are a few quotes from the story:

The researchers found that men’s performance in memory tests was ‘greatly impaired’ if they drank the caffeinated coffee.

They also took an average of 20 seconds longer to complete the puzzles than those on the decaffeinated coffee.

But women completed the puzzles 100 seconds faster if they had been given caffeine, the Journal of Applied Social Psychology reports.

Previous studies have suggested that coffee may provide protection against diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, liver damage and gout.

Interesting don't you think? I'm pretty sure just about every woman ready this will agree with the study, while the men have already clicked off the story and dismissed it as being silly. Personally, I think this study might be right on. My fiancée loves coffee. I think she would live at a coffee shop if she could and the Keurig coffee maker is her favorite thing in the world. I'm serious, if I said it's me or the Keurig... well it's not even close.

It seems like after her 15th cup of coffee she is ready for the day though. She is ready to tackle any problem, and can complete puzzles fast. Sounds like it made her smarter to me. Or maybe she is just on a caffeine high. Either way, it works.

Enjoy your coffee, and we'll talk to you in the morning.