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Update (Jan. 29, 2021) - Multiple news outlets are reporting that former Police Chief of the Stinnett Police Department Jason Collier has been arrested by the Texas Rangers.

Collier, who has 2 kids with his current wife and 2 with his ex-wife, has faced multiple and highly publicized accusations of infidelity after two of his girlfriends posted about their relationship online.

One of the girlfriends, Cecily Steinmetz of Amarillo, posted on Tuesday that Collier had tricked her into thinking he was single by sending her a picture of a marriage annulment form that he had fraudulently filled out. As it turns out, that's a crime.

Collier was arrested by Texas Rangers on Thursday, Jan. 28, and booked into the Hutchinson County Jail on a charge of tampering with a government record with the intent to defraud. His bond was set at $10,000.

After his arrest, the City of Stinnett sent out a press release, notifying the public that Jason Collier had resigned as Police Chief of the Stinnett PD effective immediately.

From the City of Stinnett.
From the City of Stinnett.


Original Story (Jan. 28, 2021) - The story of Police Chief Jason Collier's double life has spread through social media like wildfire this week, inspiring infographics and a Facebook page calling for his story to be made into a Netflix series.

In February 2020, the Stinnett Police Department, located in the City of Stinnett about 1 hour northeast of Amarillo, introduced Jason Collier as their new Police Chief on Facebook.

The post explained that he was previously a Sergeant from the Borger Police Department and had over 21 years of law enforcement experience. The post also stated that Collier was an ordained minster and happily married with 4 kids.

Some screenshots posted online suggest that Collier has 2 kids with his ex-wife and 2 kids with his current wife, Opal Sissie Koenig-Collier. There's another screenshot of Collier wishing his wife a happy anniversary in September 2020.

Collier appeared to have the picture-perfect life of a well-raised Texas man, but that all started to come apart on Tuesday, January 27, when a woman named Cecily Steinmetz posted a bombshell on the Stinnett Police Department Facebook page.

Screenshot taken from
Screenshot taken from

Steinmetz, a resident of Amarillo, publicly accused Collier of living a double life and claimed to be Collier's girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancé. Steinmetz said she had also been conversing with a woman named Kristi Shaffer, who claimed to be dating Collier too and said he had also proposed to her.

Both woman have talked extensively about Collier's infidelity and most of their conversations have been posted online. Other women has also come forward to claim similar relationships with Collier. Shortly after Steinmetz initial post, the Stinnett Police Department Facebook page was taken down as was Collier's personal Facebook page.

Another Stinnett Police Department Facebook page has since been created by someone solely for the purpose of discussing Collier's story and posting gifs and memes about the aftermath. A page about the story is called "Jason Collier Netflix Series".

The City of Stinnett released a statement on Wednesday, saying that Police Chief Collier has been placed on administrative leave in light of the accusations and that he may have violated city policy. They say they are taking the matter seriously and his actions are under investigation.

City of Stinnett


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