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Scammers are everywhere and targeting people all the time. Now City of Lubbock officials are warning citizens that scammers may be targeting those in Lubbock over the phone.

According to the City of Lubbock, scammers are using City phone numbers to spoof calls and make citizens believe they are talking to someone about a COVID-19 Vaccine clinic.

This means that possible scammers are calling citizens using phone numbers that look like they are from the City of Lubbock. The callers are contacting citizens under the pretense of confirming their COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic appointment made through Select-A-Seat. If citizens have made an online appointment for a vaccination clinic through Select-A-Seat, they will receive a confirmation email not a phone call. If you happen to receive one of these phone calls, the City urges you not to give out any personal information.


The City of Lubbock didn't say which group of citizens was being targeted, but senior citizens are part of group 1B and in the past, senior citizens are highly targeted by scammers.

As the City of Lubbock said, it is always a good practice to never give out personal information over the phone.

Vaccinations continue in Lubbock. As of Friday morning, 20,224 citizens had received their first COVID-19 vaccine. 1,031 citizens have received their second dose of the vaccine. Lubbock's vaccine clinics are being held every week at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

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