Think for a moment about a beach that stretches as far as the eye can see, both ways. Then, think about digging up a pail of sand. Now think of all of the grains of sand that are left. Well, that's how many blogs I've written.

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Occasionally I spelunk random topics for ideas, so I typed in "Things To Do In Lubbock" and came up with something that's kind of cool.

Facebook has some kind of aggregate page that comes up that gives you three sets of answers to this question. You get a category called "From Friends," which is apparently where your friends have checked in at. Next up is "Where to Go." (I can't really tell how that one is put together but I couldn't really argue with the answers either. It listed Heff's Burgers, South Plains Mall, McAlister's Deli and The Shack Barbecue.)

Finally, it listed "Upcoming Events" -- in this case, a comedy show and the upcoming P.O.D. and Fozzy concerts. The answers to the last one make me think that all of this is somehow tied to particular searches or preferences of myself or my friends. I should also mention that all three sections have a "More" button that allow you to expand upon the choices. If nothing else, it's fun to see where your friends have checked in.

All of this is a drilldown of a page called Facebook Places. You can't just type in "things to do in Lubbock" next to your Facebook URL. Save yourself some trouble and just click here.

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