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Texas and 2016

For many years, Texas really hasn't been a concern to the Republican primary process, but that could all change now. According to the Star-Telegram, Texas is flush with cash, candidate-ties, and now a huge spot on the primary calendar.

But for everyone in a field that could swell to 10 or more by the time the 2016 presidential season officially arrives in January, Texas has an irresistible allure because of its stable of wealthy donors, its pool of professional political talent and — for the first time in decades — its relatively early spot on the primary calendar.

The Lone Star State is the biggest of at least a half-dozen states expected to hold primaries March 1, offering a bonanza of delegates. Those who make it that far after the opening rounds in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada will get a huge boost toward the Republican nomination or will limp to the sidelines in defeat.

“Texas, being the reddest of the red states, should have a say in the presidential nomination process, and I think this is something that achieves that goal for us,” said state Republican Chairman Tom Mechler, who was elected to the leadership post last month. “With the large treasure-trove of delegates available to the presidential nominee candidates, this would be the state that they don’t want to ignore.”

Put another way, Mechler said, any candidates who take a pass on Texas do so “at their own peril.”

Texas, with 155 Republican delegates will be a huge prize and I believe will go a long way in electing who the Republican nominee will be. It also means that Texas will be competitive. Prepare for the political ads and campaign stops throughout the state. It wouldn't surprise me if West Texas played a key role in the process as well. Lawmakers like Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Senator Ted Cruz have all realized that winning West Texas is important. West Texas is the reddest part of Texas and home to the grassroots activist that so many of the candidates will want. Ignore West Texas and things might not be as easy as you think in the rest of the state.

For candidates it also means they must raise a lot of money. Texas is an expensive state to run in and now candidates will have to spend some of that war chest in the state.

The battle for Texas will be expensive, but I believe whoever wins Texas will be the GOP nominee.

Gun Laws and Minority Voters

According to the Texas Tribune, Republicans might be hurting themselves with minority groups with gun legislation.

“Who are they concerned about being protected from? The same people who live in my district,” said state Rep. Garnet Coleman, a black Democrat from Houston. Open carry and campus carry are not priorities for his constituents, Coleman said, and are mostly aimed at Republican primary voters. “This has to do with winning elections. This was never done for any reason than to create fear to win elections.”

Texas law allows long guns — like rifles and shotguns — to be openly carried, but handguns must now be concealed by those who obtain a license. Senate Bill 17 would allow handguns to be openly carried by concealed weapons permit holders. A separate measure, Senate Bill 11, would require public colleges and universities to allow concealed handguns on campus.

Half of Hispanics approve of existing concealed carry requirements, while roughly a quarter think Texans should never be allowed to carry a handgun in a public place, openly or concealed, according to the poll. Only a third of blacks support the current concealed carry law, with 45 percent opposing any carrying of handguns in public places. When it comes to allowing concealed weapons to be carried on college campuses, half of blacks and 39 percent of Hispanics strongly oppose the measure, compared with 26 percent of whites.

Republicans are standing up for the Constitution and standing up for those who wish to protect themselves. It's pretty simple really and a concept that will not hurt Republicans long-term.

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