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Tea Party vs. Perry

The Tea Party and Rick Perry don't seem to be getting along much these days. According to the Washington Examiner, some Tea Partiers aren't ready go make up with the Governor.

“People are lining up behind him on this issue,” said Jonathan Stickland, a conservative Texas state representative. “But this doesn’t forgive all the sins he’s committed in the past against conservatives.”

Stickland said that while the governor is a solid conservative on social issues, he’s disappointed his base by supporting in-state tuition for the children of undocumented immigrants and mandating that girls bevaccinated for HPV. The state representative also said that the governor didn’t sufficiently follow through on his Texas Budget Compact. The base might rally around him now, Stickland added, but that doesn’t mean they will rally around his anticipated presidential run.

He isn’t alone. Katrina Pierson, a Tea Party activist who won Sarah Palin’s endorsement in an unsuccessful primary challenge against Rep. Pete Sessions, said she expects corruption charges against the governor to materialize.

“When this goes to trial, are we indeed going to find corruption? I think the answer is yes,” she said.

Pierson added that if the governor was comfortable using the line-item veto to punish a political opponent, he should have also used it to remove waste from the budget.

“Here he is being indicted for using veto power, which we couldn’t get him to use!” she said, adding that he should have vetoed a number of subsidies, including the Texas Moving image Industry Incentive Program, designed to boost film production in the state.

Julie McCarty, president of the Fort Worth-area NE Tarrant Tea Party, added that Perry is seen in some circles as insufficiently tough on illegal immigration and that many of the activists she works with believe he hasn’t done enough to secure the border.

“Just because we’re supporting him in this case doesn’t mean we support him across the board,” she said. “It doesn’t mean we want to see him [run] for president.”

If Ted Cruz and Rick Perry both run in 2016 you will see a huge split in the Texas Republican Party. Tea Party folks will join with Cruz while others will join Perry. Could be very interesting.


Early voting begins today in the race for SD-28 between Rep. Charles Perry, Jodey Arrington, who once worked for George W. Bush, and a handful of others. The winner will replace Robert Duncan in the Texas Senate and could be in that seat for years. This is a very important race and I believe the influence West Texas has in Austin depends on who is elected.

We know what Charles Perry brings to the table. Uber-Conservative but not seen as a "crazy tea party" guy in Austin. That is important. When it comes to leadership and working with others, I've never heard anyone take a swing at Charles Perry. He has a great record to stand on and that is why I believe he has been the favorite since day one.

Jodey Arrington seems like a nice guy who is running in his first race. I've heard good and bad things about Arrington but most of the bad comes from his lack of experience running for office and possibly wanting to sound more conservative than he really is. Arrington likes to remind folks that he worked for former President George W. Bush which is nice, but that doesn't tell me what Arrington brings to the table. The main problem for Arrington is that he is new and doesn't have a record. Add that to being vague on a few issues and it hurts when running against a popular guy with a stellar record.

As for Delwin Jones... Never mind, 99% of his supporters don't have access to the internet.

This is an important election for West Texas so get out there and vote. It is possible this race goes into a runoff, but I believe there is a good chance that it won't. Of course all of that depends on voter turnout and how many Democrats get out to vote for the former Mayor of Sweetwater.

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