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1. Paul Beane's Troubling Defense of LP&L Rebate Changes (link)

On Wednesday's LFN, Councilman Paul Beane called into the show to say why he voted to change the language regarding LP&L rebates. What he said shocked me. The only reason he could give was actually a defense of the board members. When pressed why the Electric Utility Board wanted to make changes to the language Beane said, "you'd have to ask them". To hear the audio, click here.

In other words, Paul Beane voted for something without asking questions and without knowing why language needed to be changed. It is the local version of Nancy Pelosi saying, "we have to pass this bill to know what's in it". If Randy Neugebauer had admitted to voting for something because 9 people told him to without knowing why he voted for it in the first place, people would be livid. They should be livid at Beane as well.

For an elected official to vote on an issues that affects all Lubbock citizens without knowing why they are voting on proposal is wrong and dangerous. It's also very irresponsible.

As of now, none of Beane's opponents have come out against what the council did, so I don't see this has a campaign issue, but it should be a warning sign.

Why is the Lubbock City Council just going a long with what the EUB says? Why is no one asking questions? If this was truley meant to just clean up the language, which I don't buy, then why not close the loophole that makes it possible for the City of Lubbock to use LP&L as a cash cow?

I agree with just about all the votes Paul Beane makes and I like Beane as a person. This however has me worried as it should all Lubbock citizens.

Keep your eye on this one folks.

2. George Zimmerman to be Charged (link)

The Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case is about to take on a whole new chapter. Florida Special Prosecutor Angela Corey announced that George Zimmerman will be charged with second degree murder. According to CBS Miami:

Under Florida law, second degree murder is the unlawful killing of a person when perpetrated by any act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind, regardless of human life, although without any premeditated design to effect the death of any particular individual. The maximum sentence for the crime is life in prison.

Governor Rick Scott asked for calm before and after Corey’s announcement Wednesday.

“We are fortunate in our state that most Floridians and local civic leaders are law-abiding, responsible citizens who all want justice to prevail,” Scott said in a statement. “No matter what State Attorney Corey determines following her investigation of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I trust in the goodness of all Florida citizens to allow our justice system to reach an appropriate conclusion in this case.”

Zimmerman has reportedly hired Mark O’Mara, a well-known Orlando attorney for his defense, according to multiple media reports. O’Mara had served as legal analyst for Orlando CBS affiliate WKMG.

I look forward to seeing what evidence the State has to go after second degree murder. Prediction, you will still see race riots break out.

The big question is, can Zimmerman get a fair trial? The New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other black leaders have already said and rallied people around the notion that Zimmerman is guilty of murder. Even President Obama weighed in on the matter and was sympathetic to Trayvon Martin.

Speaking of Al Sharpton, Eric Holder praised Sharpton on Wednesday. Amazing. Holder has still been silent on the New Black Panthers threats. Shocking isn't it?

3. Michael Bloomberg Doesn't Get it (link)

Michael Bloomberg is an idiot. On Wednesday Bloomberg said that Stand Your Ground Laws are a license to murder.

The so-called Stand Your Ground self-defense laws in Florida and some other states amount to “a license to murder” and an excuse for “vigilante justice,” New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg charged Wednesday.

“The laws are not the kind of laws a civilized society should have and the [National Rifle Association] should be ashamed of themselves,” Bloomberg, a leading gun-control advocate, said at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. “This has nothing to do with gun-owners’ rights. This has nothing to do with the Second Amendment.”

I really can't add anything here. His line of thinking is ignorant and dangerous.

4. Where is Chris Winn?

Is Chris Winn still running for Congress? Two weeks ago we were told that we'd find out exactly why he is running against Randy Neugebauer. Still nothing. No one has heard anything out of his campaign in weeks which is very odd when running for Congress. Anyone have an idea?

5. Dumb story of the morning (link)


UCLA is apologizing for mistakenly sending almost 900 applicants emails congratulating them on getting into the highly competitive school.

The Los Angeles Times reports the email about financial aid awards went out to high school seniors last weekend.

Campus spokesman Ricardo Vasquez says all the high school seniors who received the email are on the waiting list for admission, and will remain there for the time being.

6. Good Brews Good News of the Day (link)

Twitter saves lives.

A hijacked driver was rescued after his girlfriend's Twitter appeal for help went viral.

The unidentified man, from Johannesburg, South Africa, text Lynn Peters the licence plate and make of his car after he was bundled into the boot.

Fashion design student Miss Peters then tweeted her 71 followers asking them to keep an eye out.

'Be on the look for DSS041GP, my boyfriend has just been hijacked and is in the boot please RT (re-tweet),' she wrote.

Seven of her friends retweeted the message before it quickly spread through thousands of other users, including members of a private security industry who went out looking for the man.

Miss Peters' boyfriend had been hijacked by two armed raiders on Saturday around 9pm whilst driving in Johannesburg.

Everyday, Good Brews Coffee & Tea Lounge brings you the Good News of the Day!

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