Your Morning Brief for June 15, 2015.

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Jeb Bush 2016

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will announce today that he is running for President. Bush has been traveling the country for months raising money for his campaign but today he officially becomes a candidate. Bush's unofficial campaign hasn't gone as expected though. He isn't leading the field of candidates and has hit some bumps in the road over Iraq and other issues. According to CNN however, Bush expects the campaign to be long and for him to break out of the pack.

Jeb Bush said in an interview aired Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that he believes he'll be in a better position to break away from the rest of the Republican field when he announces his presidential candidacy.

"I think this transition to a candidacy will allow me to be more direct about my advocacy of the leadership skills necessary for the next president to fix a few things," Bush told CNN's Dana Bash in Tallinn, Estonia, on Saturday.

"And as a candidate, contrary to someone who has been listening and learning along the way, I'll offer up alternatives to the path we're on as well, so I'll be more specific on policy," he said.

Bush, who has long been viewed as a likely presidential contender, is expected to announce his candidacy on Monday. But he believes it could take some time for him to break out of a crowded Republican pack, which already boasts 10 candidates.

While Bush has the ability to raise a ton of money, I still don't see him as the leader of the 2016 Republican field. At least not yet. I still see Marco Rubio and Scott Walker as the leaders. It's a long race and I'm still waiting for Bush to show me something. I'm also still searching for the people who are excited about a Bush candidacy.

Clinton Relaunches Campaign

Hillary Clinton relaunched her campaign for President on Saturday and according to the Washington Times, the former secretary of state took a populist tone. Included in her speech was talk of shared prosperity.

The former secretary of state stuck to themes of economic and political fairness, presenting herself as a champion of all Americans and decrying Republicans as beholden to the wealthy and corporations.

“Prosperity can’t be just for CEOs and hedge fund managers. Democracy can’t be just for billionaires and corporations,” Mrs. Clinton told a crowd of a couple thousands at a park on Roosevelt Island in New York City’s East River.

She said that working-class Americans had rebuilt the country’s economy after the Great Recession, working overtime and multiple jobs to pull themselves out of hard times — and now they deserved to share in the rewards of the economic rebound.

“Prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too. You brought our country back. Now it’s time, your time, to secure the gains and move ahead,” said Mrs. Clinton. “That is why I am running for president of the Untied States.”

“I’m running to make our economy work for you and every American,” she said.”For the successful and the struggling … for the factory workers and food servers who stand on their feet all day, for the nurses who work the night shift, for the truckers who drive for hours and the farmers who feed us, for the veterans who served our country, for the small business owners who took a risk, for everyone who’s been knocked down but refused to be knocked out.”

After years of President Obama preaching redistribution of wealth, you would think people would realize that the idea of  "shared prosperity" is just class warfare rhetoric and it won't actually improve anyone's life. But of course, the liberals don't think like that.

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